GNU Unifont 15.1.04
Pan-Unicode font with complete Unicode Plane 0 coverage and partial coverage of higher planes
src Directory Reference


file  hangul.h [code]
 Define constants and function prototypes for using Hangul glyphs.
file  hex2otf.c [code]
 hex2otf - Convert GNU Unifont .hex file to OpenType font
file  hex2otf.h [code]
 hex2otf.h - Header file for hex2otf.c
file  johab2syllables.c [code]
 Create the Unicode Hangul Syllables block from component letters.
file  unibdf2hex.c [code]
 unibdf2hex - Convert a BDF file into a unifont.hex file
file  unibmp2hex.c [code]
 unibmp2hex - Turn a .bmp or .wbmp glyph matrix into a GNU Unifont hex glyph set of 256 characters
file  unibmpbump.c [code]
 unibmpbump - Adjust a Microsoft bitmap (.bmp) file that was created by unihex2png but converted to .bmp
file  unicoverage.c [code]
 unicoverage - Show the coverage of Unicode plane scripts for a GNU Unifont hex glyph file
file  unidup.c [code]
 unidup - Check for duplicate code points in sorted unifont.hex file
file  unifont-support.c [code]
 : Support functions for Unifont .hex files.
file  unifont1per.c [code]
 unifont1per - Read a Unifont .hex file from standard input and produce one glyph per ".bmp" bitmap file as output
file  unifontpic.c [code]
 unifontpic - See the "Big Picture": the entire Unifont in one BMP bitmap
file  unifontpic.h [code]
 unifontpic.h - Header file for unifontpic.c
file  unigen-hangul.c [code]
 Generate arbitrary hangul syllables.
file  unigencircles.c [code]
 unigencircles - Superimpose dashed combining circles on combining glyphs
file  unigenwidth.c [code]
 unigenwidth - IEEE 1003.1-2008 setup to calculate wchar_t string widths
file  unihangul-support.c [code]
 Functions for converting Hangul letters into syllables.
file  unihex2bmp.c [code]
 unihex2bmp - Turn a GNU Unifont hex glyph page of 256 code points into a bitmap for editing
file  unihexgen.c [code]
 unihexgen - Generate a series of glyphs containing hexadecimal code points
file  unihexpose.c [code]
file  unijohab2html.c [code]
 Display overalpped Hangul letter combinations in a grid.
file  unipagecount.c [code]
 unipagecount - Count the number of glyphs defined in each page of 256 code points