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The sequoyah utility converts between the Unicode Cherokee syllabary and the Unicode ASCII transliteration of those syllables.

The ASCII transliterations follow the Unicode code chart transliterations for Unicode ranges U+13A0..U+13FF (Cherokee) and U+AB70..U+ABBF (Cherokee Supplement).

The intention is that this program will facilitate typing Cherokee using Sequoyah's syllabary by using the ASCII syllable transliterations that appear in the Unicode Standard.

For a list of the transliteration mappings, see the file "sequoyah-map.txt", which contains a table of Cherokee syllables and their ASCII transliterations. Better yet, feed the file into the "sequoyah" program to see the transliteration columns flipped!

More information is available in the sequoyah man page

The latest source tarball and GnuPG signature file can be downloaded at these links:

Installing Sequoyah

To install the Sequoyah package on a system with a Unix-style command line interface (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Cygwin, etc.), type these commands in a terminal window:

     make check
     make install
     make clean

The "make check" command will run sequoyah to convert the file "sequoyah-map.txt" into a file with the Cherokee and ASCII transliteration swapped, and then run sequoyah again to test for successful round-trip conversion.

The "make install" command might need to be run as "sudo make install" on your system. By default, the sequoyah program will be installed in "/usr/local/bin", the section 1 man (manual) page will be installed in "/usr/local/share/man/man1", and text files along with Doxygen HTML documentation will be installed in "/usr/local/share/sequoyah". Installation directory locations are determined in the top-level Makefile, and can be redefined there.

The command "make uninstall" will uninstall the Sequoyah package.


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