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GNU Unifont 6.3 Unicode Chart
Unifont 6.3 Chart

GNU Unifont is part of the GNU Project. This page contains the latest release of GNU Unifont, with glyphs for every printable code point in the Unicode 6.3 Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP). The BMP occupies the first 65,536 code points of the Unicode space, denoted as U+0000..U+FFFF.

These font files are licensed under the GNU General Public License, either Version 2 or (at your option) a later version, with the exception that embedding the font in a document does not in itself constitute a violation of the GNU GPL. The full terms of the license are in LICENSE.txt.

The standard font build — with and without Michael Everson's ConScript Unicode Registry (CSUR) Private Use Area (PUA) glyphs. Download in your favorite format:

Specialized versions — built by request:

On Windows or Mac OS X, unzip the .ttf.zip file or download the uncompressed .ttf file and copy the font to your Fonts folder. On Microsoft Windows, this folder is located under the Windows folder on your main disk. On a Mac, this is located under the Library folder on your main disk.

For best appearance on a Mac in a Terminal window, select Terminal from the menu, then Preferences. A Settings window will appear. Make sure that you're on the Text tab in that window. Then make sure that the "Antialias text" box is checked. The TrueType version of the font should then look fine at point sizes of 12pt and larger. The font won't look very legible in a Mac Terminal window unless you select this antialias option.

All unifont.hex sources are in the full Unicode Utilities download.

Release Notes

This latest release is part of the GNU Project. You can view the GNU Project Unifont Page on Savannah.

Unifont 6.3

Unifont 6.2

This was an interim release in preparation for the Unifont 6.3 release. Changes introduced included:

Initially I just posted my additions to Roman Czyborra's original unifont.hex file. Then in mid-January 2008, his website went down. So I started posting font updates here. Roman has encouraged me to continue with my additions.

Roman's website is now back online, and you can read his Unifont description and motivation for its creation on his website, along with his archive of Unifont's changes: http://czyborra.com/unifont.

TrueType Font Generation

Luis Alejandro González Miranda wrote a cool combination of scripts to convert GNU Unifont from .hex format into FontForge .sfd format, then to have FontForge convert this to a TrueType outline font (see the Unicode Utilities web page on this site for more information). Pixels are drawn as outlined squares, so they scale to all point sizes. This works well with GNOME; I haven't tried it with any other Unix windowing environment. I've removed the OpenType SBIT font link from this page because the outline font is much more flexible.

Luis has given me permission to modify his scripts to convert the latest GNU Unifont versions to TrueType. I've modified his original scripts to handle Unicode combining characters.

Wen Quan Yi: Spring of Letters (文泉驛 / 文泉驿)

The original Unifont CJK glyphs were replaced by new CJK glyphs from version 1.1 of Qianqian Fang's Unibit font. The Unibit font began as a combination of the original GNU Unifont glyphs and a basic CJK bitmap font placed in the public domain by the People's Republic of China. It adopted GNU Unifont's scheme of 8x16 and 16x16 glyphs. Qianqian Fang and many others then added about 10,000 more glyphs.

Qianqian states in the Unibit distribution: "The entire CJK Unified Ideographics (U4E00-U9FA5) and CJK Unified Ideographics Extension A(U3400-U4DB5) blocks were replaced by high-quality glyphs from China National Standard GB19966-2005 (public domain)." Qianqian also drew the new 22 CJK ideographs in the range U+9FA6..U+9FBB that appear in GNU Unifont.

Wen Quan Yi (WQY) means "spring of letters," as in a spring of water. This is an interesting choice of words, as the British spelling of "font" is "fount" (but still pronounced "font"). See his website for more details: http://wqy.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/enindex.cgi.

The following code points in the latest unifont.hex file are taken from the WQY Unibit font (with my additions to complete the U+3000..U+33FF range, particularly the missing Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji):

Qianqian has given his okay to add these CJK glyphs into GNU Unifont. Likewise, I've told him to incorporate any glyphs he wants from my contributions to GNU Unifont into his Unibit font.

Unifont 6.3 Glyphs

Click on each link in the table below to show each corresponding 256-code point range in the Unicode 6.3 Basic Multilingual Plane.

GNU Unifont Glyphs
Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane
00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1A 1B 1C 1D 1E 1F
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 2A 2B 2C 2D 2E 2F
30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 3A 3B 3C 3D 3E 3F
40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E 4F
50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 5A 5B 5C 5D 5E 5F
60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 6A 6B 6C 6D 6E 6F
70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 7A 7B 7C 7D 7E 7F
80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 8A 8B 8C 8D 8E 8F
90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 9A 9B 9C 9D 9E 9F
A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 AA AB AC AD AE AF
B0 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 BA BB BC BD BE BF
C0 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 CA CB CC CD CE CF
D0 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 Surrogate Pairs
Private Use Area
Private Use Area F9 FA FB FC FD FE FF

Current Coverage

The list below shows the scripts that are in the Unicode 6.3 BMP, with 100% coverage in this release of Unifont.

      Covered      Range       Script
      -------      -----       ------
       100.0%  U+0000..U+007F  C0 Controls and Basic Latin
       100.0%  U+0080..U+00FF  C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement
       100.0%  U+0100..U+017F  Latin Extended - A
       100.0%  U+0180..U+024F  Latin Extended - B
       100.0%  U+0250..U+02AF  IPA Extensions
       100.0%  U+02B0..U+02FF  Spacing Modifier Letters
       100.0%  U+0300..U+036F  Combining Diacritical Marks
       100.0%  U+0370..U+03FF  Greek and Coptic
       100.0%  U+0400..U+04FF  Cyrillic
       100.0%  U+0500..U+052F  Cyrillic Supplement
       100.0%  U+0530..U+058F  Armenian
       100.0%  U+0590..U+05FF  Hebrew
       100.0%  U+0600..U+06FF  Arabic
       100.0%  U+0700..U+074F  Syriac
       100.0%  U+0750..U+077F  Arabic Supplement
       100.0%  U+0780..U+07BF  Thaana
       100.0%  U+07C0..U+07FF  N'Ko
       100.0%  U+0800..U+083F  Samaritan
       100.0%  U+0840..U+085F  Mandaic
       100.0%  U+0860..U+089F  Unassigned
       100.0%  U+08A0..U+08FF  Arabic Extended - A
       100.0%  U+0900..U+097F  Devanagari
       100.0%  U+0980..U+09FF  Bengali
       100.0%  U+0A00..U+0A7F  Gurmukhi
       100.0%  U+0A80..U+0AFF  Gujarati
       100.0%  U+0B00..U+0B7F  Oriya
       100.0%  U+0B80..U+0BFF  Tamil
       100.0%  U+0C00..U+0C7F  Telugu
       100.0%  U+0C80..U+0CFF  Kannada
       100.0%  U+0D00..U+0D7F  Malayalam
       100.0%  U+0D80..U+0DFF  Sinhala
       100.0%  U+0E00..U+0E7F  Thai
       100.0%  U+0E80..U+0EFF  Lao
       100.0%  U+0F00..U+0FFF  Tibetan
       100.0%  U+1000..U+109F  Myanmar
       100.0%  U+10A0..U+10FF  Georgian
       100.0%  U+1100..U+11FF  Hangul Jamo
       100.0%  U+1200..U+137F  Ethiopic
       100.0%  U+1380..U+139F  Ethiopic Supplement
       100.0%  U+13A0..U+13FF  Cherokee
       100.0%  U+1400..U+167F  Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics
       100.0%  U+1680..U+169F  Ogham
       100.0%  U+16A0..U+16FF  Runic
       100.0%  U+1700..U+171F  Tagalog
       100.0%  U+1720..U+173F  Hanunoo
       100.0%  U+1740..U+175F  Buhid
       100.0%  U+1760..U+177F  Tagbanwa
       100.0%  U+1780..U+17FF  Khmer
       100.0%  U+1800..U+18AF  Mongolian
       100.0%  U+18B0..U+18FF  Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Extended
       100.0%  U+1900..U+194F  Limbu
       100.0%  U+1950..U+197F  Tai Le
       100.0%  U+1980..U+19DF  New Tai Lue
       100.0%  U+19E0..U+19FF  Khmer Symbols
       100.0%  U+1A00..U+1A1F  Buginese
       100.0%  U+1A20..U+1AAF  Tai Tham
       100.0%  U+1AB0..U+1AFF  Unassigned
       100.0%  U+1B00..U+1B7F  Balinese
       100.0%  U+1B80..U+1BBF  Sundanese
       100.0%  U+1BC0..U+1BFF  Batak
       100.0%  U+1C00..U+1C4F  Lepcha
       100.0%  U+1C50..U+1C7F  Ol Chiki
       100.0%  U+1C80..U+1CBF  Unassigned
       100.0%  U+1CC0..U+1CCF  Sundanese Supplement
       100.0%  U+1CD0..U+1CFF  Vedic Extensions
       100.0%  U+1D00..U+1D7F  Phonetic Extensions
       100.0%  U+1D80..U+1DBF  Phonetic Extensions Supplement
       100.0%  U+1DC0..U+1DFF  Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement
       100.0%  U+1E00..U+1EFF  Latin Extended Additional
       100.0%  U+1F00..U+1FFF  Greek Extended
       100.0%  U+2000..U+206F  General Punctuation
       100.0%  U+2070..U+209F  Superscripts and Subscripts
       100.0%  U+20A0..U+20CF  Currency Symbols
       100.0%  U+20D0..U+20FF  Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols
       100.0%  U+2100..U+214F  Letterlike Symbols
       100.0%  U+2150..U+218F  Number Forms
       100.0%  U+2190..U+21FF  Arrows
       100.0%  U+2200..U+22FF  Mathematical Operators
       100.0%  U+2300..U+23FF  Miscellaneous Technical
       100.0%  U+2400..U+243F  Control Pictures
       100.0%  U+2440..U+245F  Optical Character Recognition
       100.0%  U+2460..U+24FF  Enclosed Alphanumerics
       100.0%  U+2500..U+257F  Box Drawing
       100.0%  U+2580..U+259F  Block Elements
       100.0%  U+25A0..U+25FF  Geometric Shapes
       100.0%  U+2600..U+26FF  Miscellaneous Symbols
       100.0%  U+2700..U+27BF  Dingbats
       100.0%  U+27C0..U+27EF  Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols - A
       100.0%  U+27F0..U+27FF  Supplemental Arrows - A
       100.0%  U+2800..U+28FF  Braille Patterns
       100.0%  U+2900..U+297F  Supplemental Arrows - B
       100.0%  U+2980..U+29FF  Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols - B
       100.0%  U+2A00..U+2AFF  Supplemental Mathematical Operators
       100.0%  U+2B00..U+2BFF  Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows
       100.0%  U+2C00..U+2C5F  Glagolithic
       100.0%  U+2C60..U+2C7F  Latin Extended C
       100.0%  U+2C80..U+2CFF  Coptic
       100.0%  U+2D00..U+2D2F  Georgian Supplement
       100.0%  U+2D30..U+2D7F  Tifinagh
       100.0%  U+2D80..U+2DDF  Ethiopic Extended
       100.0%  U+2DE0..U+2DFF  Unassigned
       100.0%  U+2E00..U+2E7F  Supplemental Punctuation
       100.0%  U+2E80..U+2EFF  CJK Radicals Supplement
       100.0%  U+2F00..U+2FDF  Kangxi Radicals
       100.0%  U+2FE0..U+2FEF  Unassigned
       100.0%  U+2FF0..U+2FFF  Ideographic Description Characters
       100.0%  U+3000..U+303F  CJK Symbols and Punctuation
       100.0%  U+3040..U+309F  Hiragana
       100.0%  U+30A0..U+30FF  Katakana
       100.0%  U+3100..U+312F  Bopomofo
       100.0%  U+3130..U+318F  Hangul Compatibility Jamo
       100.0%  U+3190..U+319F  Kanbun
       100.0%  U+31A0..U+31BF  Bopomofo Extended
       100.0%  U+31C0..U+31EF  CJK Strokes
       100.0%  U+31F0..U+31FF  Katakana Phonetic Extensions
       100.0%  U+3200..U+32FF  Enclosed CJK Letters and Months
       100.0%  U+3300..U+33FF  CJK Compatibility
       100.0%  U+3400..U+4DBF  CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A
       100.0%  U+4DC0..U+4DFF  Yijing Hexagram Symbols
       100.0%  U+4E00..U+9FCF  CJK Unified Ideographs
       100.0%  U+9FD0..U+9FFF  Unassigned
       100.0%  U+A000..U+A48F  Yi Syllables
       100.0%  U+A490..U+A4CF  Yi Radicals
       100.0%  U+A4D0..U+A4FF  Lisu
       100.0%  U+A500..U+A63F  Vai
       100.0%  U+A640..U+A69F  Unassigned
       100.0%  U+A6A0..U+A6FF  Bamum
       100.0%  U+A700..U+A71F  Modifier Tone Letters
       100.0%  U+A720..U+A7FF  Latin Extended - D
       100.0%  U+A800..U+A82F  Syloti Nagri
       100.0%  U+A830..U+A83F  Common Indic Number Forms
       100.0%  U+A840..U+A87F  Phags-pa
       100.0%  U+A880..U+A8DF  Saurashtra
       100.0%  U+A8E0..U+A8FF  Devanagari Extended
       100.0%  U+A900..U+A92F  Kayah Li
       100.0%  U+A930..U+A95F  Rejang
       100.0%  U+A960..U+A97F  Hangul Jamo Extended - A
       100.0%  U+A980..U+A9DF  Javanese
       100.0%  U+A9E0..U+A9FF  Unassigned
       100.0%  U+AA00..U+AA5F  Cham
       100.0%  U+AA60..U+AA7F  Myanmar Extended - A
       100.0%  U+AA80..U+AADF  Tai Viet
       100.0%  U+AAE0..U+AAFF  Meetei Mayek Extensions
       100.0%  U+AB00..U+AB2F  Ethiopic Extended - A
       100.0%  U+AB30..U+ABBF  Unassigned
       100.0%  U+ABC0..U+ABFF  Meetei Mayek
       100.0%  U+AC00..U+D7AF  Hangul Syllables
       100.0%  U+D7B0..U+D7FF  Hangul Jamo Extended - B
         0.0%  U+D800..U+DFFF  Surrogate Pairs - Not Used
         0.0%  U+E000..U+F8FF  Private Use Area - drawn but not included
       100.0%  U+F900..U+FAFF  CJK Compatibility Ideographs
       100.0%  U+FB00..U+FB4F  Alphabetic Presentation Forms
       100.0%  U+FB50..U+FDFF  Arabic Presentation Forms - A
       100.0%  U+FE00..U+FE0F  Variation Selectors
       100.0%  U+FE10..U+FE1F  Vertical Forms
       100.0%  U+FE20..U+FE2F  Combining Half Marks
       100.0%  U+FE30..U+FE4F  CJK Compatibility Forms
       100.0%  U+FE50..U+FE6F  Small Form Variants
       100.0%  U+FE70..U+FEFF  Arabic Presentation Forms - B
       100.0%  U+FF00..U+FFEF  Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms
       100.0%  U+FFF0..U+FFFF  Specials

What's Next?

Unicode 7.0 is expected some time in mid-2014. Unifont will incorporate any new Unicode 7.0 Plane 0 glyphs once the standard is formally released.

Some contributors have drawn glyphs in Unifont's hex format outside the BMP, notably Andrew Miller. Stay tuned for these additions.

There are a couple of other things I'd like to do:

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